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Shapes of the Past is a 2D Platformer game. In this game, the player has the freedom of movement, such as jump, wall jump, and other crazy movement.


All the shapes used to live in their own planet without paying much attention to other shapes. One day, the circles found something unique that can only be found on their planet. Hearing this news, the other shapes joined forces to invade the circles' planet. The circles were caught unprepared and some of them went into hiding while bringing the artifact with them. Some of the circles train themselves so they can drive off the invaders from their planet. When they are ready, they use the artifact to go back in the past. Using the training they have done in the future, will it be enough to fight the invaders?


The player controls a circle/ball with the ability to jump and wall jump. By using the environment to jump and build up speed, player can reach places that are otherwise inaccessible by normal jump. Players can only bounce on a side of a wall once in a row. Players also have the ability to stomp, going down in high speed. The stomp can be used to defeat enemies. By combining these mechanics, players can traverse the level quickly or at their own pace.


D = Move Right
A = Move Left
W or Space = Jump & Wall Jump (Can be held before touching a surface)
S = Stomp (While in the air)
Escape = Pause Game

E = Recall (Go back to your position a few seconds ago)
R = Time Stop (Temporarily freeze all enemy)
F = Deflect (Deflect incoming projectile)

You can only wall jump once in a row on the same wall.
Then you have to touch other wall or floor first.

Square enemy can be killed by stomping on top of it.
Triangle enemy can be killed by deflecting it's own bullet.

Our members:

Christian Gabriel Wijaya as itch.io Devlog Updater and Level Designer

Devanto Austin Wijaya as Lead Programmer and Game Designer

Eric Thomas as Lead Artist

Matthew Yosua Rangen Jaya as Storywriter and Level Designer

RD Moh Dimas Pramudya Adirajasa Gustomi as Audio Engineer

Install instructions

Almost final version!

Contains 4 levels, and we planned to add boss stage.

Just extract and run the .exe file.

Only supports 16:9, mainly 1920x1080.


Shapes of the Past.rar 15 MB

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